Shopping Online Just Became Easier!

Ive recently discovered, a site that allows you to shop for products, research reviews and information about the product, and compare prices all in one place! Way cool, right? I usually bounce around from Amazon for reviews to Google for price comparisons, but this is much more convenient.

I decided to try out the effectiveness of their search and so typed in instant bug screen and clicked shop. Become immediately came up with a large selection of prices, sizes, and brands. You can also refine your search and search by color, price, ratings, and store.

And, just FYI, an instant bug screen is a screen that hangs over your door and lets your pets (or children) in and out but snaps back with magnets so the bugs dont get inside. 😉

Back to my shopping ponderings. Ive been on the lookout for home organizers lately. We have such a small, almost closet-less house, its been a challenge but I have an idea of what I want. Things like narrow sofa tables for our living room. Corner desks. Storage cubes for my daughters room. At the top of my rather short We can afford it now list is a hanging pocket organizer which would be perfect for our bathroom. Somehow it gets overrun by hairbrushes, accessories, and other random bathroom things. But I didnt want anything too tacky so havent looked too hard. Through Become I found a really cute Hello Kitty organizer, and since it did the price comparison work for me, I already know where I want to buy it from! Cool, right?

So what kinds of things are you looking for that Become could help with?

This post is sponsored by All thoughts on home organizing and what I need to do to make my house more livable are my own. 🙂