Second Pregnancy, Second Trimester (Good News!)

Im starting to feel good in this pregnancy for the first time! Up until now its been all-day morning sickness, extreme exhaustion, and just a general feeling of BLAH. (In my last pregnancy post I shared all of my misery) Now Ive hit the 16-week mark and am feeling better. YAY!

I didnt want my memories of my entire second pregnancy to be negative, especially when I keep hearing about how happy other pregnant moms are.

I want to share in that happiness! I want to feel good, too! After all, Im having a baby, a joyful and momentous time in my life I want to feel joyful about it!

The only thing dampening my mood right now is that Ive gained more than Im happy with. Seriously, Ive been really sick but I couldnt stop eating! I was picky about what I ate but being sick didnt stop me from being hungry. I didnt throw up, either it all stayed inside me. Healthier for the baby, but Ive grown a bit more than I wanted to. I must not be quite over the edge though because I can still fit in some of my pre-pregnancy pants. But still, Ive gained in more than just my tummy.

Im SO thankful that Im not quite as picky in my eating now. Ive been eating salads for the past two days and choosing healthier snacks (carrot sticks, whole wheat cereal, etc).

I think what really put the weight on was how much fast food I was eating since I was too tired to cook.

I can keep things more balanced now, and keep my prenatal vitamins down, too so I think Im on a healthier track for the rest of my pregnancy. That makes me feel good about myself at least I have the energy to try to have a healthy pregnancy now!

Ive also had more energy for exercise and have been walking and working out with my Wii Fit and EA Sports Active More Workouts almost every day. I feel a lot better after I work out so I know its a good thing. And Ive been staying accountable with the Wii Mommies on the forum (they have weekly check-in posts that you can update every day with your progress its great for staying accountable!).

If you are or have been pregnant, did you feel better in your second trimester?