Saturday Inspiration

If your kids are giving you the Im Bored! whine, wow them by suggesting one of these projects!

Animal Terrarium

Be creative with the glass containers you use! With Tinker Bell on my mind, I want to make a fairy garden. 🙂

Complete photo tutorial can be found here at Indie Bliss.

Cupcake in a Jar

If today seems like a good baking day, how about this?

Photo recipe can be found at Cakies.

Printable Jan Brett Alphabet

If youve got little ones, how about an alphabet card project with Jan Bretts gorgeous illustrations?

Complete set of printable alphabet PDF documents can be found here.
(I get the coolest stuff from her! I recommend subscribing to her email newsletter.)

Halloween Paper Doll Fun

I shared these last Halloween if you didnt get a chance to do this you should this year!

Little boy paper doll here.
Little girl paper doll here.
Thanks to Babalisme for the creative genius!

More fun Halloween/Autumn-inspired printablesHERE.

What do you have planned for your Saturday?