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Sarahs Choice is essentially the story of every girl. Every girl finds herself facing tough decisions regarding love, morals, and right and wrong, and Sarah, young career girl on the fast track to becoming very successful, is facing the toughest decision of all. Shes pregnant, unmarried but living with her boyfriend who may or may not be serious about her, and is certainly not ready to be a mom.

Her Christian mother and sister want her to keep the child. Her physician says its not a child and that if she cannot provide a good home, she should move forward with abortion. With pressures on all sides, Sarah can hardly think for herself. Her boyfriend doesnt seem to be thinking at all. Then she starts having dreams dreams about herself and a child and she starts to wonder if the dreams could possibly be from God.

The question is, can she make a decision she can live with?

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My Thoughts: Ive been excited about Sarahs Choice ever since I first heard that Rebecca St. James was going to be in a movie. Rebecca is amazing shes influenced me since I was a teen. Shes a singer with a beautiful voice and a unique flair to her music, and hers were the first CDs I ever bought as a teen. I absolutely love her Christmas CD (something different from the traditional your kids/teens would love it, Ill bet!). So she and I have a history of sorts, and I was waiting impatiently for the movie to be released.

I found Sarahs Choice to be a very moving Christian film. Rebecca was definitely one of the best actresses, and you could tell she really felt her part. I think thats because she has a passion for helping people, and this is a place that girls really need help with. It can be so hard to know what to do when youre being pressured from all sides, but in the end, its your decision, the one you have to live with. Just make sure that you can live with it. That was something the movie covered well, I thought.

What I liked about it: I love that this movie encourages researching things for yourself, not just trying to make a decision based on others opinions. After the doctor compares Sarahs unborn baby to a wart of all things, Sarah goes to the internet to find out for herself how much of the baby is developed. She finds that the baby already is developing a brain and eyes. *12/22 I am aware that not all doctors pressure girls into abortion, and I wouldnt say this doctor in this movie was exactly pressuring Sarah. It was just the wart comparison thing that bothered Sarah and me, too. All doctors are different, of course, and have different ways of dealing with this situation.

I also liked that they brought in the point of view of a woman who had been forced to abort her child at a very young age. The friend talked about how happy she was that she didnt have to deal with a teen, and and that she had plenty of time in the future to start a family, but inside she hurt every time she thought about how old the child would be as each year passed. It was a decision she had to live with for the rest of her life, and it was extremely painful.

Though this is a Christian movie, I didnt think they came on too strong or that it would alienate anyone who watched it. Sarah feels things that most of us do or have at some point in our lives. I could relate to her when it came to hard decisions (not the career woman thing so much but we all have our selfish pursuits) and I think that those that watch it will feel her pain as she tries to navigate the emotions inside and around her and make a decision that she wont regret.

This movie is very pro-life (as I am), obviously, but there are no graphic scenes of abortion or tactics like that to scare people from having an abortion. This is simply the story of a girls heartfelt struggle to make a life-changing decision.

Could it have been better? It could probably have been written a little better, though Im not sure what exactly should have been changed. Well, I felt that Sarahs relationship with her boyfriend wasnt developed enough visibly I never really knew why they were together and what connected them. That is my only complaint, though.

Family-friendly? Yes. No sex, no graphic scenes of abortion, no foul language this movie is very family-friendly.

Conclusion: A very touching film exploring the thoughts, emotions, and consequences of the abortion decision in a very positive, thoughtful manner. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it for viewing with the family and/or youth group!

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