RockBuds Retractable Earphones Review

ChicBuds is a company well-known for their gorgeous Swarovski Crystal-adorned earphones for women. I havent tried them myself, but the many reviews Ive read have been positive. And I can see for myself theyre super cute.

I guess the guys were jealous of all the attention ChicBuds was getting because now ChicBuds has a line of earphones for men called RockBuds! Stylish, manly, and the perfect gift for a guy in your life.


– Six cool designs to choose from
– Built-in retractible device with five (5) stopping points
– Clip prevents cords from bouncing around
– Compatible with basically any listening device (list here)


Thanks to ChicBuds, I was able to review the Rock Band RockBuds (above). Both my husband and I tested these earphones and like them!

I have to admit that I didnt realize at first that there is a certain technique to the retractable cord. You are supposed to pull evenly from both sides (see photo on right). I didnt do that so of course the cords tangled. You can see how it works and find tips on how to fix things if it gets tangled at the ChicBuds site. They send directions with the earphones as well, of course. Thankfully its not that complicated to figure out and is super easy to fix.

I love the designs, and the quality is excellent as well. A huge pro is the earbud quality. These earbuds stay in your ear securely and block out noise well, something I have found hard to come by in the earbud world. I should know, Im a medical transcriptionist and wear headsets and earphones for my job. Translated = picky. lol

The cord stops at five different lengths, making it easy to set up for running, iPod length, etc. And the clip is totally nifty and helpful!

Conclusion: All in all a great set of stylish earphones! At $29.99, these are a good buy!

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! 🙂