Get ready to DROOL over this gorgeousness from Renaissance Fine Jewelry!

I am woman, a lover of beautiful things. A woman who feels the urge to stop and dawdle through the cases of shiny jewelry while shopping. I cannot pass unheeded the shop full of silvery prettiness while making my way through our local mall. I love jewelry!

I have to admit, though, that I have a special fascination for silver and titanium jewelry that is handmade. Many times over the past year you could find me dreamily perusing handcrafted jewelry found on Etsy, adding things to my wishlist left and right.

Then I found a wonderful place that promised to make my dreams come true

Im loving Renaissance Fine Jewelry for three specific reasons:

1. Everything in their online store is absolutely gorgeous! Their photography really brings out the beauty of the handmade pieces, too.

2. Everything is very affordable I kept thinking, Can I really have a beautiful ring like that for only $_____.

3. Ive been wanting to choose a special set of rings for my husband and myself for a long time. My husband has totally annihilated his current wedding ring (good grief, its only been five years!) and one of my diamonds fell out of my wedding ring, so its been put into retirement until I can get it fixed. Those two rings didnt match, sadly. What a perfect excuse to pick out a new matching set!

Before I tell you about my new set, lets take a look at some of the beautiful pieces found at Renaissance:

These two tension set rings give you a good idea of the range of customization they are able to do for you. You can have a wide band or a smaller band, anywhere from 4 to 11 mm. The ring on the right is brushed silver while the left one is shinier. I personally prefer the brushed silver look. 🙂 There are a variety of beautiful precious stones available in these tension sets. I think this is a wonderful and unique way of showing off a favorite gem!

Are these awesome or what? I think they would be awesome Valentines Day gifts for a man in your life! That middle one especially is something my husband would love. Make sure you check out their full selection of unique milled ringshere. There are over 40 to pick from! And *ahem* these would look awesome on girls like me, too. 😉

Check out their promotional sale all of their promotional rings are only $12.99!

You also have the option of getting your ring engraved for only $5.00.

My Thoughts:

Renaissance Fine Jewelry was super generous and sent me three rings to review a matching set of two rings for my husband and myself, and a tension set ring for me! Im excited to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with you, and am glad I am able to cover both styles!

The 4-mm Tension Set Ring with a Natural White Sapphire Gemstone ring that I received is simply stunning and exactly what I was hoping for. The sapphire gemstone is lovely and beautifully set, and the brushed silver has a nice sheen. I asked for a size 7 and the ring fits perfectly and is very comfortable! Four millimeters is a good size if you want to pair two rings together, something I chose to do. This ring and the ring from the Matrix set are gorgeous together, too!

In the shop policies, we learn that titanium is strong, durable, and hypoallergenic. I love that its hypoallergenic, dont you? It also states that titanium can get surface scratches; however, these can be buffed out by a jeweler. My ring (the tension set ring) does have a small scratch (scratched by me, it came to me flawless), though it doesnt bother me in the least only someone looking very, very closely would even notice.

Im thinking that the brushed titanium rings might show scratches a little bit more than the others since my other ring isnt showing any scratches.

His and Hers Matrix Set: I really love both rings in this set. They have a unique look to them it almost looks like there is a tiny diamond in each hole, the way they shine. And of course, I love that they match! As I said before, both the tension set ring and the womens ring in this set look beautiful together.

My ring is 6 mm and my husbands is 8 mm wide. Can you believe these rings have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee? This is some beautiful workmanship!

Conclusion: I think that Renaissance Fine Jewelry is a great place to buy affordable quality jewelry. I tried to think of something I dont like about them or the shop, but theres nothing! I really am very happy with my rings and wear them constantly. I was giddy with excitement when i first saw them and that hasnt really worn off. I would be happy to own any of their other rings and would recommend them without hesitation! Im going to keep my eye on their store, for sure. 🙂

Buy Buy Buy!

You can purchase the His and Hers Matrix Set for $72.99 USD, and the 4-mm Tension Set Ring for $46.82 USD. They have an awesome selection, so make sure you check out all of their inventory including tension sets, sterling silver inlay, 14 karat gold inlay, milled rings, and their matching sets!

Standard shipping in the United States is FREE!

I would like to thank Renaissance Fine Jewelry for sending me three of their rings free of cost in order to write a full review. This review is 100% my own opinion, my own experiences with the product(s), and in my own words. No monetary compensation was received.