Re-Injuries, Kid-Friendly Dogs, & Vacations with Children (Update!)

Wait, is it even possible to have a vacation with children?

😉 Just kidding.

So my vacation was actually spending a few nights at my parents, who helped me immensely with my two little firecrackers. They absolutely loved spending time with gma and papa who loved spending time with their grandkids after much time away. My parents just moved back from Alaska and Im so happy to have them nearby! And by nearby I mean a little over an hours drive away but thats still much better than living in another state. 🙂

We took walks around the neighborhood, played in their fenced back yard (something I gloried in since I have to watch Emma like a hawk in our own unfenced back yard) with their two gorgeous dogs, and just enjoyed being together in general. Emma got to make cookies with her grandpa and Isaac was carried around by grandma often. It was a great break!

This is Ronan he is the most awesome dog! He is SO sweet and patient with Emma.

He let her walk him on his leash.

He came when she called him (Roooomman!) and sat down when she cried, Sit! SIT, ROMMAN!.

He let her hold onto his collar and led her around the yard.

He let her sit on his back.

I have a deep love for Collies, their tempers, and their funny quirks. They are so gentle and listen so well. They are easily trained. They like to herd and will, if you let them, pinch their quarry gently while directing them. Emma wasnt so fond of this but after being told not to he didnt do it again. And isnt he a gorgeous dog?

So yes, we all had a wonderful time. 🙂

BUT. Then something happened.

My husband, who, if you will remember, recently had surgery on his thumb, re-injured it. The tendon that had been severed and then repaired surgically snapped (I say it like that because John told me it was like a rubber band snapping) and he had to have surgery AGAIN. Poor guy, the same surgery in two weeks. Nobody deserves that. 🙁

So I spent all day yesterday at the hospital, and when he came out he was in so much pain that he had to stay for quite a bit after for the nurses to get his pain under control. It was bad.

Its so hard to see your husband, who is a tough guy and doesnt like to let pain or sickness stop him or cause him to complain, writhe in pain. I just wanted them to give him local anesthetic or something. Im just so glad things are better now and hes going to be getting better.

Because I want help changing diapers. 😉

Anything exciting or interesting going on in your life lately?