Random Tuesday Thoughts (On Wednesday)

Well, its still Tuesday to me because I havent gone to bed yet. Wait, I did go to bed. Then Emma woke me and I cant go back to sleep now because of the thoughts that are swirling around in my head. I hate it when that happens!

I think Emma had a stomach ache or something because she didnt take her milk or lose her pacifier, the usual causes of nighttime cries for her. She just cried and stared up at me reproachfully. I feel soooo helpless in those cases, knowing theres something wrong and shes not even able to tell me what hurts. Thankfully after about five minutes of rocking her while patting and rubbing her back, she burped and shes back down now. *whew* But Im not back down. *sigh*

Anyway, on to my random thoughts:

  • We totally scored today (yesterday) on packages. I received two AWESOME giveaway items, a Flip video camera that I won from 3 Kids and Us and a super cute apron dress, the kind I would never be able to afford myself (or justify spending the money on) from Kandy Kisses. I also received a bunch of books to review (yippee!) and my first cart cover for review and it is gorgeous! I cant wait to show you all.

    I know as a Christian Im not supposed to be attached to stuff, but its really hard sometimes. :-p Can anyone relate?

  • I just finished The Enclave by Karen Hancock and loved it. It took me FOREVER to get through that book, though! It wasnt a simple read, it was very involved and jumped back and forth between three points of view it was a very satisfying read, though, and very worth the time it took!
  • Were going on a road trip. Labor Day weekend, ya know. Were going to see my hubbys family and its going to be over 10 hours on the road. With a toddler. Yeah. Were crazy. Ive got a list made and Im just hoping I dont forget anything important. I guess as long as we dont fill the car up and forget the toddler were okay. 😉 Were going to be gone for four days, from Thursday to Monday. Methinks this vacation is going to be a bit tiring.
  • I have been in suuuuch a crafty mood lately! Im regretting leaving my moms sewing machine at my moms house she let me borrow it but I took it back because I didnt think I had a place or time for it. So then I find myself wandering aimlessly after the baby goes to bed (7:30 p.m. every night on the dot I know, Im lucky), wishing I had something crafty to do. And I really want to sew. Really. I did pull out my yarn stash and crochet hook but I just kind of stared at it. No inspiration. I didnt like the colors or yarns I had there. Guess I need to go buy some pretty yarn By the way, if you want to learn how to crochet or see some of my ingenious creations (*snort*), visit my Creative Mamas Monday post and I invite you to come by every Monday to participate! Ill be sharing a sewing tutorial next Monday. 🙂
  • I dyed my hair on Friday! I already talked a lot about it (No, Im NOT vain! Really!) so if you want to see before and after photos and hear about my great hair dye drama, go HERE.

Okay, I just might be able to sleep now. Or maybe Ill work on a review. No, Im too tired. Okay, really going now. Night! I mean morning

I really need to sleep.

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! 🙂


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