Random Thoughts

Isaac woke up at 3 a.m. this morning and decided it was time to wake up for the day. I tried nursing him back to sleep (that always works!) and letting him cuddle in my warm bed with me (that sometimes works) but he would not have it. His little head kept popping up, and a couple of times I got a wacked with his head in the mouth (he likes to be kissed on the forehead). I finally was driven from my room to sleep on the couch. I think a new sleeping arrangement might be in order.

Is anyone interested in being part of a kids book exchange? I can send you the forms through email to make things simpler and faster then youd just need to print them. 🙂 I need two moms at least.

Heres how it works:

1. You send 1 book to 1 child. (You can do this yourself or order it online and have it sent directly to the child.)
2. You add your childs information and send it on to 6 mommies.
3. Soon, (and if everyone participates) your child gets 36 books in the mail!!!

Send me an email if you want to be part of it. 🙂

Lately Ive been thinking about selling the kids clothes and toys after were done with them. Right now we do more swapping than selling through Facebook mom swap groups (since ThredUp isnt a swapping site anymore). I hadnt considered it an option before, mainly because I didnt want to bother with ebay and I hate going to the post office. I discovered how easy it is to send flat rate recently, though just order the boxes or envelopes at usps.com and print a shipping label at paypal.com. I can handle that! Now all I have to do is figure out where I want to list things. 🙂

I have done nothing crafty in so long. Its sad! Well actually, I take that back I decoupaged my desk a few days ago. But beyond that, no sewing, no painting, nothing. I miss it. I have half-finished clothing projects that I really need to get done before its too late for Emma to wear them! This is my mental shove to get to it.
I am SO excited about the new Hunger Games movie coming out in the theatre. Its one I actually want to go and spend the money to see on the big screen. 🙂 Anyone else planning on going? Have you read the books? I have, and theyre terrific!

Guess what? I finally got my husband interested in Doctor Who. Thank goodness theyre all on Netflix Instant! Weve been going through the whole series again (I personally have seen them all about 4 times). It starts out kind of corny but really the last couple seasons are amaaaazing. If you havent been able to get into Doctor Who yet, please please go watch Season 5 right now. Thatll get you interested. Then youll understand all the hype. 🙂

Check out this cute knit robot my mom made Isaac for his (belated) birthday! And now, drool over my gorgeous handmade-by-my-mom Tardis Kindle cover! Dont you wish your mom was this crafty??? I need a smaller version for my phone now *hint hint* That Tardis cover is my belated birthday present. I turned 29 in February. Im a little in denial about it. My next birthday I will be 30! It feels strange and surreal Im pretty sure Im still a teenager. Well, I have a fewmany more months to get used to the idea.