Etsy Rave! Pumpkin Pants Diaper Covers and Longies {Giveaway Closed}

When Emma was about 17 months, my easy morning routines were no more. One day she woke up with the front of her outfit completely soaked through her disposable diaper had not been sufficient. Not only was she soaked, but her crib sheets and stuffed animals were wet, too. Thus began the new and awful morning routine: Wake up, go get an extremely wet Emma and put her straight into the tub, find new clothing and dress her, put her in her pack n play in front of the TV while I go back into the nursery and proceed to wash all the crib bedding and stuffed animals.

Who wants to go through THAT every morning?

Well, I didnt. So I started searching around the web for something that could help. I noticed that cloth diapering moms put diaper covers on their babies, so I decided that was just what I needed to try. I started with Target and was so disappointed with the selection. Still, I bought a package of two waterproof covers because I was desperate. They only had size 2T, but again I was desperate. I got them home and didnt like them at all they were huge on Emma, bulky, and not soft at all.

That didnt last long. I went on another search, deciding that cloth diaper covers would be the way to go something soft. So I went to my favorite place to shop handmade Etsy. I found many different styles and types of covers, but one shop stood out from the rest: Pumpkin Pants. The soakers and longies are affordable, there are many sales, and, most importantly, 100% positive feedback. I sent the seller, Jenoah, a note telling her about Emmas nighttime situation and asked if she thought they would work for me, and she replied quickly and SO helpfully. When she found out I was a blogger, she offered to send me a pair of pants and a diaper cover so that I could give them a try. If I liked them, I could share this with my readers. I like that kind of confidence in a seller. 🙂 I agreed, and here we are!

A Moms Thoughts

Jenoah generously sent me a pair of Crazy Legs Fleece Longies and a diaper cover to review!

Super cuddly fleece fits nice and snug around babys legs and waist to prevent leaks over fitted or prefold diapers. Fleece doesnt absorb liquid, it repels it. This cover will keep your baby dry on the outside, and thus your lap dry! There is an extra layer of protection in the crotch.

First of all, I cant begin to express how impressed and pleased I am with the fit of both the Longies and Soaker on Emma! I gave Jenoah Emmas measurements and she must be an amazing seamstress because the pants fit Emma perfectly and they look great. They really do look like they were custom-made for her, and I can tell theyre extremely comfortable. Im rather jealous, actually. The fleece material is soft and they are extremely easy to wash. Jenoah recommends that you let them air dry, and I usually do, but I did accidentally dry them in the dryer once and I was relieved to find that there was no shrinkage.

But how do they do overnight?

Awesomely! Now, my daughter sleeps in a funny position on her stomach but with her legs curled up under her so that usually most of the diaper gets swollen and soaked at her stomach. The Longies and Soaker are especially wonderful because they cover the area at the top of the diaper, above her belly button, so no more waking up soaked! Im pleased that the fleece really does absorb the wetness and keeps her much dryer than she has been in the past. I think its helpful that there is an extra layer of protection around the diaper area, too.


Well, let me tell you this. Im so happy with these covers and longies that Im planning on making an order for three more pairs of longies soon! I really need more than the one pair, and Im confident that it will be a wise purchase. I highly HIGHLY recommend Pumpkin Pants to you!

Speaking of purchasing

You can purchase a pair of longies from Pumpkin Pants for only $9.00 in sizes small, medium, and large X-large is $10.00. Diaper covers are $6.00 for small, medium, and large, and $7.00 for x-large. I think this is an excellent deal!

Jenoah also does custom listings and is very easy to work with. If you have a question for her, just send a message!

She also makes clothing for babies and children, bibs and burp cloths, and bags and accessories like fleece hats. I recommend checking out her shop you never know what treasures you will find!

Disclosure: The review product was sent to me free of charge by Pumpkin Pants in exchange for an honest review. This review is 100% my own content, my own true experiences with the product(s), and my own opinion.

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