Preschool Workbook Recommendation: Gakken Workbooks

I found these huge books full of preschool activities and stickers at Costco for a great price awhile ago. Theyre part of the Gakken series and are so worth buying we love them! The illustrations are totally precious, and the pages are double-sided.

I bought two different workbooks and they each have different types of activities in them. They say on the front what skills your child will be working on. For instance, this one has shapes, counting, drawing and coloring, and cutting and pasting activities inside. The other one we have has mazes, dot-to-dot, and alphabet activities. The activities are perfect for getting your child ready for school learning to follow instructions and comprehend the task assigned is a skill in itself for a three and four-year-old. 🙂

For example, following only the apples in the maze:

and cutting and pasting patterns in the correct sequence:

Theres plenty of freestyle fun, too!

Besides these, there are tons of stickers (some for rewards and some part of the activities) and a dry erase board on the back of each book:

If you come across these at Costco or anywhere else make sure to snap them up because I cant find them on ebay, and theyre scarce at Amazon, too. Check out what they have available here.

Have you ever used Gakken workbooks before?