Preschool Fun with Emma: Learning About Sea Turtles! (With Free Printable!)

It all started with a cartoon that Emma became rather attached to

(i.e. she watched it 17 times)

A Turtles Tale: Sammys Adventures is a really cute movie on Netflix Instant right now very similar to Finding Nemo in movie style. If you havent seen it yet you should! It actually does include a lot of accurate facts about sea turtles, too that was the bonus that started us on our sea turtle study.

Our first activity was our biggest one making a sea turtle with moveable limbs.

We used a free printable (found here) for the head, tail, and flippers and used a big piece of watercolor paper for the shell. She painted the shell and then I put glue on the spots and shell ridges and let her sprinkle glitter on it (were out of glitter now by the way). We used paper fasteners (is that what theyre called?) to make the limbs moveable. Emma had a blast making it! If I did it again I probably wouldnt use glitter this time, as attractive as it did make Mr. Turtle everywhere that turtle went there was a trail of glitter behind him. Hed probably still be around if he hadnt been so messy. :-p

Next, hatchlings!

I wanted Emma to have a good idea of the size of the sea turtle hatchlings in relation to people so I found this picture online and made it into a simple little numbered puzzle:

Random fact: Did you know that female sea turtles travel back to the shores they were born on to lay their eggs?

Next I found some coloring pages and dot-to-dot printables with facts about sea turtles on them.

Finally I put together a quick fact sheet for preschoolers since I couldnt find one thing like it anywhere online. You know, something simple that gives preschoolers all the important facts about sea turtles and teachers something to base their studies on.

If you would like to print it out yourself, feel free to do so!

Fact Sheet Printable

Hope this post gives you some inspiration! 🙂

Other Sea Turtle Studies & Activities:

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What have you been learning about lately?