I just took a potty-training quiz…

I took this quiz that supposedly tells you whether your little one is ready for potty training over at iVillage Parenting (my mom sent the link to me). The result?

Emma is close, but not quite ready.

Although I had made it one of my goals to start potty training this month, Im kind of relieved, the main reason being that Emmas interest in sitting on the potty is zilch. Though once I brought a bag of chocolate chips out, she willingly sat on it and then held her hand out for the chocolate. Once it was in her hand, she was up and OUTTA THERE.

As I was taking the quiz, I thought about the questions they were asking and realized before the end that Emma wasnt ready. No, she does not tell me when she has gone in her diaper, she doesnt say poo poo or pee pee yet, she doesnt have interest in sitting on the potty, and although shes uncomfortable with a diaper full of urine shes willing to live with it.

Shes close because she doesnt like a poopy diaper and will cry and bring me a diaper when she goes and she even happily lies on the floor in front of me without my asking her.

The plan is to wait a few more months before re-introducing the potty. During this time, though, Ill be teaching her the potty training words (and signs) to prepare her.

I honestly didnt know if I was ready for her to be potty trained yet anyway. 😉 Shes growing up way too fast.

Maybe she would feel differently if I got her one of these?

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