Posh Pads Bamboo Nursing Pads Guest Review

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Today I have an AWESOME guest review on Posh Pads by Margaret from Creative Madness:

In case you missed the memo, I am currently 29 weeks pregnant, with about 11 weeks to go. I am so eager to meet my little girl, but goodness me do I even know my body anymore? Some days I sincerely wonder

When, my Mama blogging buddy Lindsey from A Kindred Spirits Thoughtsasked me if I would do a guest review for her Bamboo for Baby event, I thought sure, that would be great, one less thing for me to buy, yet to enjoy. To find out even more about Posh Pads, see Lindseys original Posh Pads Giveaway
post (giveaway ends June 5, so hurry and get your entries in before then!).

So, in the mail I received my Posh Pads.
Absolutely beautiful was the first thought I had! The second was arent these a little large? Well, I read the instructions and washed before wearing and when they came out of the wash, they were not really smaller. Meaning I would not say they shrunk, but they were tighter and perfect feeling. I inserted them into the bra (also, bamboo Ill get to that in another post). And my goodness! They are mine and you cannot have them!!

It was probably around preggo week 17 when I first realized the necessity of nursing pads, however it was not until week 28 that I realized the necessity of sleeping with them as well. I had obtained some disposables that are much like a plastic diaper for boobs as well as some reusable from a major brand name. They are itchy and I am always readjusting and just taking them out half way through the day when I just cannot take it anymore.

Victorian Blu

Now, for the Posh Pads. My pair was the Victorian Blu and my oh my. I put them in first thing in the morning and completely forget that they are even there! They are so pretty that when I do see them during a shirt change or something at any time, they make me smile in a ridiculous giggly girl sort of way. Never once did I have to readjust and I would not dream of taking them out during the day.

Main thoughts:
comfy! pretty! soft! very pleasantly hide the forever hardened nipples of pregnancy and I could rave more and more

Frankly, when I get an item for review, they are usually pretty nice. They often lead me to encourage others to go buy one. This is the first time, where less than a week after owning, I emailed up the owners with a desperate plea of GIVE ME MORE!!!! So yes, Monday of this week I put in my own order for 7 more pairs! And Im checking the mailbox daily with impatience, and no they did not arrive today *sigh* Maybe tomorrow!!

Note from Lindsey: Thanks, Margaret! And SMART move buying 7 more pairs you need nursing pads even more often (amazingly enough) after the baby is born. Lucky lucky! 🙂

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