Pookster and Bubs Children’s Books – Love Love Love!

If you havent heard about the Pookster and Bubs series of books yet, you and your children are truly missing out! But have no fear, Im about to enlighten you. After all, no one keeps their favorite books a secret, right? Book-lovers are among the most pushy of all the people Ive met, and Im no exception. Im forever pushing the best reads at my friends, insisting that they borrow and read them immediately so that we can talk about how much we love them together!

And thats why I have to tell you how much I LOVE the Pookster books!

So here I go. 🙂

I own two books featuring the extremely likable blond-headed Pookster and her brother Bubs, but Im sure well be collecting more as they are released. The two we have are Pookster and the Unloose Tooth and Pookster and the Practically Perfect Pickle. Both are a total RIOT!

In The Practically Perfect Pickle, Pookster has a bit of a temper tantrum (directed toward her brother) over her pickle. Apparently they are very precious to her like how I am with chocolate! Their mother intervenes gently and shows Pookster that pickles are like words; they can be sweet or they can be sour. Pookster learns not to overreact (Not everyone is out to get your pickle!) and to use gentle words. I was laughing through this whole book the way Pookster thinks is just so funny shes just full of personality!

In The Unloose Tooth, Pookster learns a lesson in patience. She has just lost a front tooth and she wants the other front tooth out NOW. So what does this precocious little girl do? Why, she yanks it out of course by tying it to a doorknob with dental floss (no, this is not recommended at home). What follows is a looooooooong time in which she becomes immensely tired of eating apples and leaving rows, or trying to slurp in my spaghetti noodles and never being able to stop because I cant cut them off. What does she learn? That Gods timing is not our timing, and that dental floss can be a dangerous tool and should NOT be used as a tooth extracting device unless under the direct supervision of an adult (not your big sister).

Each book ends with an appropriate verse pertaining to the lesson, and includes an audio CD featuring the author reading the book so that little ones can follow along! Track 1 is a read-along, and Track 2 is a read-along with page turn signals.

Enjoy a sneak peek at both of these books here!

Overall Thoughts: I dont know how this amazing author and singer, Rhonda Funk, does it, but she manages to teach lessons in patience and speaking kindly to others and still has both the parent and the child laughing through the entire book! This makes each book a delight to read over and over, and the lessons are memorable learned in a fun, positive manner. Ms. Funk, bravo! I cant wait to collect all of your books and see what else you come out with! P.S. I think a cartoon series would be amaaaaazing!

What are you waiting for? Order now!

You can order both of these books for $11.99 each at the Pookster and Bubs Official Website and even get them autographed to your child. 🙂 Alternatively, you can order them on Amazon.com.

Pookster and Bubs are on Facebook!

Disclosure: I received the two books reviewed thanks to Bring it On Communications so that I could share my thoughts on them with you. This post is 100% my own opinion and written in my own words, and was not edited or reviewed by anyone. I do not feel obligated to write a positive review this website is about honest experiences!