Playin’ at the Park (or “Sand in her Hair, Sand in her Diaper, Sand in her Mouth…”)

I know its totally not fair to show off these summer-like pictures when many of you are still knee-deep in snow. 😉 But maybe itll encourage you that spring and summer are on their way!

So I took Emma to the park on Saturday. It was lovely out, and I knew she needed some fun after being cooped up for so long.

Her first reaction she stood there for about five minutes! I finally had to go show her it was supposed to be played in. lol

Then she got it. 🙂 And oh, the smiles and babbling as she dumped sand into her new dollar store bucket!

The one below is one of my favorites! Her expression is priceless. lol I think she just ate some sand

I have no idea what she was thinking, I was snapping pictures like crazy. Possibly the neighbor child digging in the sand and panting like a dog. Possibly just being funny for the camera. Either way, it certainly is funny!

Then daddy came over and showed her how to bury herself. Shes such a city girl that she hardly knows how to get dirty! lol

I dont know about you, but I cant wait for summer!

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