PinkTooth Wireless Headset – My Thoughts

Treat your ears to somethin SWEET with chicBuds wireless headset!

If I had known that wireless bluetooth headsets came in such cute-tech packages, I would have looked into getting one of these sooner! And, believe it or not, it looks even better in person. 🙂

I should know ChicBuds sent me one of these little babies a month ago. Boy, did I enjoy testing it out! As a mom of a toddler who constantly runs from one thing to the other, I hardly thought I had time to just get on the phone and chat with my friends. The PinkTooth, however, makes that possible!

After two hours of charging, my PinkTooth was ready to go! 🙂

Heres what I like about it:

  • It fits comfortably into my ear
  • It works with all bluetooth-enabled cell phones (even mine from the dark ages!)
  • Up to six hours of talking time (woo hoo!)
  • Lightweight and easy to throw in your purse
  • Standby time is up to 200 hours (sweet!)
  • Covered in sparkly Swarovski crystals talk about a fashion statement!

What I dont like:

I love the features of this headset, but my one problem with it is that the sound is not crystal clear for me. I hear better on my regular phone. Im not sure if thats because my phone is from the dark ages or not. Okay, not actually the dark ages they didnt have phones back then. 😉 But possibly the sound quality (or lack thereof) is due to that. Ive read many other product reviews by bloggers and pretty much everyone said it did have crystal clear sound, so Im thinking this is a rare occurrence. They have a pretty good shipping and return policy, so if something happens you can always exchange it!

Wanna Own It?

Head on over to ChicBuds and purchase your own PinkTooth for $48.00!

I would like to thank ChicBuds for sending me one of their Pinktooth devices to test. This review is my own honest opinion and my own personal experience with the product.

I was able to connect with ChicBuds thanks to Chic Execs, an awesome place for PR and Media to find and work with each other!