Im one of those people who obsessively keeps track of blog giveaways. My favorite sites are Prizey, Prize-A-Tron, and Bloggy Giveaways. It can be rather distracting and time consuming but hey, Ive already won something! Four childrens books in fact, so its not a waste of time, my friends!

Ive also been a fan of, a place to buy and sell handcrafted items online. There are so many treasures there and today I found a great Etsy store called Pinkplicity. It features the most beautiful little girls dresses, skirts, and aprons I have ever seen. The creator of these masterpieces knows just how to combine the right colors and patterns to make a truly one-of-a-kind treasure. I just couldnt NOT blog about this. 🙂 My favorite dress is the Itsy Bitsy Pink 6 months dress, it is just beautiful and would look amazing on Emma, I know. 🙂 Good grief, I have got to learn to sew! 😉

Itsy Bitsy Pink 6 Months Dress 🙂

Nobody told me shopping/wishlisting for my little girl would be so fun! lol
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