Picture Keeper Review and Coupon Code

Backing up your pictures can be time-consuming and a pain, but it doesnt have to be!

My Fail:

I tried backing up a years worth of photos and videos on regular CD-R discs about two months ago and only got about four discs into it before I decided I didnt have time to do it. I love my photos and would die if I lost them, but it was taking about 15 minutes per disc and I just couldnt sit there that long when there was so much to do around the house. Not only that, but it was hard to remember what I had and hadnt copied when I came back to it. So I decided there had to be an easier, pain-free way to back up my photos and started searching the net. Thats when I found Picture Keeper.

Picture Keepers method of backing up photos is SO simple anyone can do it!

  • Plug the small USB drive into any USB port on your computer.
  • Click Start Backup.
  • Picture Keeper finds and saves all your image files to the USB device!

Cool Facts:

  • You can back up your images easily anytime after your initial backup it only saves the new or changed images next time.
  • You have the ability to save pictures on multiple PCs.
  • You can go with advanced options and pick and choose what types of files or which folders you want to save.

Picture Keeper comes in three size options: 4 GB typically holds about 4,000 pictures, 8 GB holds 8,000 pictures, and 16 GB holds 16,000 pictures. Find out what size Picture Keeper youll need by following these directions on your PC.

Click here for full product info and specifications.

My Review:

I found Picture Keeper to be just as easy as it claimed to be. I plugged it into the USB port in my computer, clicked Start Backup, and off it went. My only problem was that I needed a bigger size Picture Keeper than the one I reviewed (4 gig). I fixed that by going to the advanced options (in the menu, easy to find) and selecting which folders I wanted backed up the most. So now I have my favorite photos on the Picture Keeper safe and sound. Thatll work until I can get a bigger one and back up all my photos and videos. Yes, I have a lot. I need a 16-gig to back up all my files. *faint* And my daughter is only one year old. lol

Anyway, I think this is a GREAT product, and totally affordable! I love that its portable, too. It comes with a cord that can be attached to the cap so that you can wear it around your neck, and guard your beloved photos, videos and files with your life!

or just take it with you everywhere you go so that you can torture all your friends with photos of your kids. 😉

At$29.99 for a 4 gig, $59.99 for an 8 gig, and $99.99 for a 16 gig, this isnt something moms should pass up! Especially if you get a discount like the following

Buy it!

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