Pedoodles Sugar Plum Infant/Toddler Shoes Review and Discount Code!

I have had over a month to test out a pair of Pedoodles toddler shoes, size 22-28 months, for my daughter, Emma. Are you ready to find out what I thought of them? Continue reading and be enlightened! 🙂

The Brand


Sizes Available

Made especially for the tender, growing feet of infants and toddlers from newborn to 4 years.

Examples of Shoes Available to Purchase:

Exact Shoe Being Reviewed

The Sugar Plum Shoes, size 22-28 months.

Ease of Putting On (and Keeping On) Childs Feet

Theyre easy to put on. The strap is not velcro or removable, but it is stretchy. It is placed just right so that it stays securely on Emmas feet. I dont have to worry about her losing them on any outings, yay!

Materials, Ankle/Foot Support, & Traction

This particular pair of shoes is made up of a satin fabric they make me think of soft fairy slippers (and with the name sugar plum how can you not think of fairies?). They are not made of leather like many of their other shoes, so they arent the most supportive around the ankles, either. However, they are made to be more like dainty slippers that would would go perfectly with a spring dress for church or other occasions during which you want your child to be wearing shoes that are pleasant to look at and comfortable. The soles of the shoes are made of rubber and provide excellent traction, so dont worry about your toddler slipping and falling. 🙂

sugar plum pedoodlespedoodles sugar plum soles

Comfort & Design

These shoes appear to be very comfortable, and Emma has no trouble walking in them. The rubber soles are flat, lightweight, and flexible, and the toe area is wide and roomy. I think the design is wonderful, I wouldnt change a thing about them! I love the tiny flowers and the satin.

We Love That

  • All materials are eco-friendly and safety-tested for children.
  • The shoes come in a cute recycled gift box.
  • Free priority mail shipping with all orders of $50 or more!
  • All shoes are warrantied against defects for six months.
  • Pedoodles also sells hats and t-shirts!

Would I Purchase?

Yes, my experience with Pedoodles has been very positive! I recommend taking a look at their shoes, they have a wonderful selection.

Own a Pair!

Pedoodles shoes range anywhere from $17.00 to $44.00. The Sugar Plum shoes can be purchased for $36.00.

Discount Code Alert!!!

For the entire month of March, get 20% off when you use the code 310SMB!
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I would like to thank Pedoodles for sending me a pair of their shoes free of cost in order to write a full and thorough review. This review is 100% my own opinion, my own experiences with the product, and in my own words.

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