Pediped Children’s Shoes {A Mom’s Thoughts and Review}

Pediped is a truly wonderful brand of shoes, one of my absolute favorites! They carry stylish and comfortable shoes for infants, toddlers, and children up to age 6 and are loved by moms everywhere even celebrity moms cant stay away from Pediped!

Thanks to the wonderful people at Pediped, I was given the opportunity to find out for myself what makes these shoes so special. Find my results in the review below.

The Brand


There are two categories of shoes at Pediped:

1. Pediped Originals (0-2 years old)
These shoes are made especially for tiny growing feet. Soft, breathable leather of the highest quality and a soft foam insert protect your babys feet while they learn to walk. Velcro closures and slip-resistant soles are also features of these shoes intended for both indoor and outdoor use.

2. Pediped Flex (1-6 years old)
Pediped Flex shoes are made for children who are already pros at walking and running. They also are made of the finest quality leather, but the soles are rubber, flexible, and made to absorb shock in the heel. The coolest thing, though? They come with a soft leather insert that can be placed inside the shoe while feet are smaller, then taken out later when the shoe becomes tighter, allowing the child to wear the shoe longer.

Examples of Shoes Available to Purchase:

Shoe Being Reviewed Today

McKenna Chocolate Brown Flex, Size 7

Ease of Putting On (and Keeping On) Childs Feet

These shoes have a velcro t-strap, with the velcro closure on the outside of the shoe. Emma and I were both happy to discover that she is able to put on and remove these shoes all by herself! This is a good thing for an almost-two-year-old who is very independent and will cry pathetically in frustration at not being able to remove her shoes herself. They dont just come off easily, though. With an infant, you wouldnt have to worry about losing them, thats for sure. And Emma has never attempted to take them off when we are out (in fact, she likes to show them off).

Materials, Ankle/Foot Support, & Traction

The McKenna shoes are made of fine leather and suede with sweet pink flowers embroidered on them. I could immediately tell that they would be one of my favorites when Emma started prancing around in them like there was nothing on her feet at all! Even better, they are supportive to the foot and ankle and give her the extra confidence she needs by being super stable but very comfortable at the same time. I think that the shock absorbent cushioned heel is a big help, too. She runs so nicely in these shoes as a mom its so nice to know that my little girl (who is almost two but still refuses to talk) is comfortable in her shoes! The soles of the shoes have a great non-slip tread (in the shape of tiny flowers), and the shoes are very flexible where they need to be.

Comfort & The Flex Fit System

As I said in the paragraph before this, Emma is obviously very comfortable in these shoes. She runs like a pro in them, even better than in many of her other shoes. These shoes are flexible, soft, and when I look at the inside I see why Emma practically floats around in them arch support, a cushy inside of the shoes, and a cushioned heel. Im totally jealous! lol

The Flex Fit System is something I was excited about when I discovered it. Each pair of Flex shoes comes with a soft shoe insert that you can place inside the shoe when you first receive them. Later, when the shoes start getting tight, you can remove the insert and get some extra wear out of the shoes! Isnt that awesome? As a mom, Im thrilled that a company has thought of that.

I Love That

  • These shoes are so well-made and designed for the comfort of the child
  • They carry shoes for children up to age 6!
  • They were one of the first childrens shoe companies to be awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development.
  • They also sell a Couture line of shoes, and coordinating tights, socks, and hair clips!

Would I Purchase?

Without a doubt! This is one company I would not hesitate to recommend or purchase from in the future, and I DO plan on buying more shoes in the future. These are just too nice, and it is a relief to know that they are comfortable for her. Children are on their feet a LOT, so they need comfortable, well-made shoes. I wouldnt have to worry a bit if I knew Emma was wearing a pair of Pedipeds.

Own a Pair!

Pediped shoes can be purchased on the Pediped website or find a store that carries them here! The McKenna shoes are only $27.00 I find that to be a very reasonable price for these shoes!

I would like to thank Pedipeds for sending me a pair of their shoes free of cost in order to write a full and thorough review. This review is 100% my own opinion, my own experiences with the product, and in my own words.

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