Focus on Children’s Books: Pantone Colors – Excellent Tool For Teaching Color Shades!

If youre looking for a good resource for teaching colors and the difference between different shades of colors, then look no further!

Pantone Colors introduces children to 9 different colors and 20 different shades for each color with clean, vibrant illustrations in a sturdy oversized board book.

Is it appealing to kids? Just look at my little guys expression!

Emma and I played a little game with this fun book that she loved. First I had her find some colorful objects, then we looked through the book and tried to match the shade as closely as possible:

I told her the names of each color and she was very interested in the fact that there were different names for each shade. This would be a hard concept to teach without a resource like this. 🙂 Recommended for its bright colors, fun illustrations, and uniqueness!

Want it?

You can find Pantone Colors at or It retails for $9.95.

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I would like to thank Abrams Books for sending me the book reviewed in this post so that I could share my thoughts on them with my readers. 🙂

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