Painting the Sidewalk (Cheap & Easy Summer Activity)

I just love sunny days, dont you? Today we tried something Ive been wanting to do but the weather hasnt been cooperating. Thats what living in a state known for its constant rain (but beautiful green foliage) does to you it makes you appreciate sunny days like never before! So heres what we did.

Painted our patio!

This is the COOLEST (and cheapest) paint ever its just equal parts cornstarch and water with food coloring added. It dries looking just like sidewalk chalk and is a lot of fun to paint with! I found this recipe here.

We experimented a bit. We splattered paint and it looked really cool!

Emma decided to try painting with her hands. I dont recommend this since it doesnt wash off as well as I had hoped (food coloring, duh).

We tried painting rocks.

Then I was distracted by a rather loud songbird on our roof.

And my cute little boy who really needed a good picture with mommy.

Emma had just as much fun rinsing off the paint as she did actually painting.

We can highly recommend this fun summer activity! Go find a sidewalk and PAINT! Dont worry, it washes off awesomely with water without leaving stains. 🙂