Painting & Glitterifying Mini Pumpkins (Preschool-Friendly Activity)

If youre not into pumpkin carving, this is the project for your family! Its fun, inexpensive, and rewarding.

I found these baby pumpkins at our local Grocery Outlet for 79 cents each arent they cute? I couldnt resist. They seemed to be calling out to me, Take me home and make me beautiful!

Or at least, have some fun. 🙂

Emma had a complete blast painting these. Then, when I brought out the glitter. Well, she was in heaven. This was her first time using glitter. I think the glitter was just what the pumpkins needed to become a work of art!

This is a great project for the entire family preschoolers and toddlers included! Just be warned that it can get MESSY. 😉

Thankfully I used washable Crayola paint. 🙂

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