Our Christmas (Not-So-Wordless-Wednesday)

The picture on the top left is from Christmas Eve it was my last chance to get her in her special Christmas dress and take pictures so I grabbed at it! We went to a Christmas Eve service at our church, it was really nice. 🙂

Christmas morning I got up before everyone and made waffles. When Emma finally awakened (I actually had to go get her at around 8:15 finally because I couldnt wait), we opened presents! Emma really got into this part and after we were finished walked around the tree wondering where more presents were what a kid! 😉 But she got some great presents, her favorites being a Magna Doodle and the entire Veggie Tales library from her grandma, a stuffed dog from her great-grandma, and a little bench set from her daddy and mommy. It was a great Christmas and I didnt feel like we spent too much on gifts or gave too little which makes me happy. I want to keep Christmases as God-focused as possible, but it can be hard! Plus I cant help but want to buy Emma everything. Its awful. 🙂 The other gift we bought her is lincoln logs, and I think I enjoyed playing with those more than she did! But I know shell grow into them over time and I plan to get them out again sometime when shes not distracted by so many toys.

Note that on Christmas night she found a flashlight in a drawer and ditched her toys, running around the living room with the flashlight. This is a reminder to me not to go too crazy on Christmases what kids really care about is family togetherness and the memories youre making. 🙂

This was our first Christmas spent entirely at home my parents moved to Alaska not long ago and anyone else we would have spent it with was sick, but we reeeally enjoyed our family time, and John had a four-day weekend so he was very happy. It was one of the best Christmases ever!

That said, I am glad its all finally over because Im ready to put the holidays behind me and start thinking about a baby who is coming very soon! 🙂

What were the highlights of your Christmas?