Organize Your Purse With Joey Junior! {Review}

Does your purse look like this?

Maybe you should go look. 😉 Ill wait

*twiddling thumbs*

What? It not that bad? Okay, Ill take your word for it. 😉

But seriously, dont you think you could be a little more organized? Check this out, for instance:

Isnt that much better? That blue thing inside the purse is called a Joey Junior Purse Organizer, and boy is it something we all need! I should know Ive been in those situations where youre digging inside your pit of a purse and wishing you could find ___(insert whatever item is seemingly lost forever)___.

Joey Junior changed things for me, and I have to tell you about it!

First of all, I should tell you that Joey Junior sent me product samples free of charge so that I could write up this blog post and share my honest thoughts with you about my experiences. Thank you, Joey Junior!

The first product I want to tell you about is the Joey Junior Mini Purse Organizer. This little organizer is awesome! It is made so that you can place it in your smaller purse with your most vital items inside it. It stands upright outside of your purse, and has a place for your wallet, pens, sunglasses, cell phone, credit cards, makeup, cash pretty much anything that you want to have accessible. The fabric (ultra suede!) is soft and wont scratch your eyeglasses (I love the way it feels!), and there is even a clip for your keys as seen in the photo on the left.

It is available in 7 different colors/patterns, and can be purchased for $14.95 for classic fabric and $19.95 for the ultra suede.

Does it have my recommendation? YES! I absolutely love this organizer and recommend it without hesitation.

Next is the Joey Junior Original Purse Organizer!

This organizer is perfect for your mid to large size purse or bag! It comes in 9 different colors/patterns, and is available in classic fabric or ultra suede. I really love this one just look at what it did for my deep, hard to keep organized backpack purse:

I really love this organizer, especially because I can adjust it to fit into any purse that I decide to switch to! And because all of my items are already in the slots, its super easy to move everything from one purse to another.

What I love:

  • It stays upright and in a circular form thanks to velcro, and this also makes it easily adjustable to fit different purse sizes.
  • There are six roomy pockets.
  • Keys are secured on a tethered clip.
  • Soft fabric doesnt scratch sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Purchase: The original purse organizer can be purchased for $19.95 for classic fabric and $24.95 for ultra suede.

Does it have my recommendation? Definitely. Im very pleased with how nicely my purse is organized now that I have a Joey Junior organizer!

And we cant forget the foldable purse hanger!

This chic little accessory is easy to throw into your purse, attractive, and is a great way to keep your purse from touching the dirty floor! It can be used in restaurants (hang it on your table), while youre visiting a friend, or it can be hung near the door so that youll always have a place for your purse. I love the fact that you can use it to hang your purse under the table while youre at a restaurant I always hang mine on my knee and its annoying! Im glad I dont have to do that anymore. 🙂

The foldable purse hanger holds up to 17 pounds, and grips the surface with a non-slip pad.

Purchase: You can buy the Joey Junior Foldable Purse Hanger for $19.95 at Joey Junior.

Does it have my recommendation? Yup, another recommendation! Not only is it classy, it is useful and easily compacted and stored. Love it!

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I would like to thank Joey Junior for sending me the products reviewed above so that I could share my thoughts with you on them. This review is 100% my own opinion and in my own words.