On My Nightstand…

Im currently reading through the Cheney Duvall, M.D. series by Gilbert Morris. This brings back a lot of memories I first read the series when I was about sixteen and loved them (and Shiloh, the hero, lol) so much that I read and re-read these eight books regularly. Oh, and I named my dog after Shiloh. *grin*
Shiloh (the dog, lol)

Its been awhile since I read these, but Im struck by how well-written they are. Cheney is a believable main female character, a lady doctor in the Victorian era who, in the first book, has just graduated from a womens medical college. She has her flaws and makes mistakes, but tries hard to do the right thing. I can easily relate to her. Shiloh, a man who is sent by a friend to be Cheneys nurse (that was a surprise), also his flaws, and is not a Christian something that they both struggle with throughout the series, though not in a blatant way.

Gilbert Morris books are not overly preachy, but the message definitely gets across to us. This series is touching enough to bring you to tears (if youre sensitive, like me), is sometimes hysterically funny, and is full of adventure. The characters are endearing and memorable, and every book is different and interesting in plot. I highly recommend this series to those who would enjoy a good historical with a romantic element.

Quickie Recently read books and my opinion:

The Host by Stephenie Meyer I loved it! My review of it can be found here.

Auroras Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet Kind of long and descriptive, but definitely a unique book. Auroras character was fascinating to me, as was the world Overstreet created. 🙂

Currently Reading:

Tis Myself by Maureen OHara Maureen OHaras autobiography is really interesting. She had a wonderful childhood, grew up practically in the theatre, and then made her first movie at 17 (Jamaica Inn). At 19 she married a man who made the next five years of her life miserable he was abusive and drunk. I was surprised to find that she had been struggling so much during movies such as Miracle on 34th Street. Life always looks so perfect in those movies Definitely a good read, I recommend it!

Im taking a break from the Cheney series for now and reading Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Ive only read the first chapter so I cant say much yet. 🙂