New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?

Do you do New Years resolutions?
If so, do you usually follow through or feel guilty for a year? :-p

I guess this would depend on what type of resolutions you make. For example, its harder to keep resolutions about losing weight or quitting smoking than vowing to get out more with your family or buy more purses. 😉

I dont think I have any resolutions I need to make except I really do want to eat better and try to maintain a lower weight. Its hard to do when you stress eat, thats for sure. If I have an especially hard day, as soon as the kids are in bed I find myself inexplicably drawn to the pantry in search of chocolate. Thats gonna be hard to kick!

Oh, another thing I would like to do is try at least one new recipe every month. We get into a rut pretty quickly meal-wise

Oh, AND I would like to do better when it comes to budgeting in 2012.

Okay, maybe I do have a couple of resolutions I should be making

How about you?