New Ore-Ida Grillers Thick Cut Potatoes – Don’t Barbecue Without Them!

A new addition to the frozen section in grocery stores everywhere are Ore-Idas Grillers, thick cut potatoes that can be grilled right alongside your main course. I was able to try these for the first time ever this week and we loved them!

Throwing the Grillers on the grill

(Note that the slices are bigger than they appear –
my husbands hands are huge so they make them look small, ha!)

Frying slices of potatoes to be served with our barbecued steak or chicken is kind of a tradition for my husband and me since we were first married, so I knew this would be perfect for us. Im thrilled with this because it gives us the same crispy potato flavor without all the work of slicing and frying (which is usually my job). Who really wants to be standing over a stove for 20 minutes or more on a hot day?

The back of the package of Ore-Ida Grillers says you can make these in the oven or deep fry them as well as grill them. We chose to grill them along with our chicken. I have to say that its my preferred way of making them now the smoked flavor was wonderful! And talk about easy we threw them on the grill and served them with the barbecued chicken. They were done in less than 15 minutes.

So how did the kids feel about them? Well, our kids are fries-lovers and this was very close to waffle fries. They cleared their plates in no time!

I wouldnt change a thing about these they were great! I would love to see a thinner sliced potato variation in the future, though. 🙂

This little family of four ate a whole bag of Grillers in one meal! We will definitely be buying these again this summer.

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Buy It! There are two types of Ore-Ida Grillers potatoes available Golden and Seasoned. To find out more about them (nutrition facts and ingredients) visit

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Have you tried Ore-Ida Grillers yet? What did you think of them?

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