New Mommy Brain

I have it. Big time.

What exactly is new mommy brain, you may ask? Believe me, its not simply an excuse for absent-mindedness its real! Im forgetful, unable to focus on any given task for longer than 1.5 minutes, and am pretty much useless when it comes to doing anything requiring well, brain. 😉

Heres how defines Mommy Brain (it totally fits):

Mommy Brain – The phenomenon known to mothers where their brains become useless piles of goo after being around their children for too long.

Sooooooooooo true, right? Im especially fond of the phrase useless pile of goo since that pretty much sums up the way my brain feels when I try to focus on something other than my sweet bundle of joy.

It seems like all I can think about is baby, baby, baby. My head is full of feedings, diaper changes, pediatrician appointments, cleaning up spit-up, laundry that needs to be done, naps that I wish I could fit in, and things that need to be put away. Even when hes sleeping Im unable to rest completely knowing that any minute he might start crying and I will need to do something for him.

Plus hes cute, soft, smells wonderful, and I cant help but want to do something for him. 🙂

So perhaps in a way Im enjoying this crazy feeling?

Still, I would like to be able to think about something else once in awhile.

My email inbox and blog have both been suffering mildly thanks to this. I sit down and cant seem to focus on what Im writing about. I keep starring emails I need to respond to because I dont know if I can formulate a good response at that moment. Things just havent settled down yet even though its been a month already. When youre nursing on demand and getting used to having two demanding children rather than just one, it truly is a challenge getting back into the swing of things.

And Im tired. Im still being awakened 3-4 times every night and its taking its toll. You should see my dark circles. I look like zombie mommy. Maybe Ill post a picture later just for fun (or to scare you).

I am starting to feel like were getting into a better routine, though. Im adjusting to the fact that I had to cut out caffeine (SO sad and withdrawal symptoms have been awful), finally finding the energy to get my house back in shape (GRADUALLY), and am just generally slowly feeling like things are coming together.

So how do we battle this mommy brain? I think time and rest is going to be the only thing that helps. I know it would be good to get out once in awhile but its too cold to go outside just for fun or to get away and Im honestly too tired. I sure cant wait for warm summer weather so I can go sit outside on the grass and soak in the sun!

So my mommy friends, how do you battle mommy brain?