New Infantino Comforting Play Collection {Baby Toys Review}

Have you seen the new Infantino Comforting Play collection? Not only do these toys and soothers have an extreme cuteness factor going for them, theyre effective in comforting my little guy, too!

We received a box full of these products thanks to the Mom Central Infantino Test Drive Mom program. I am so thrilled to be a part of this! Infantino has always been a favorite brand of mine when it comes to baby toys. Im happy to be able to share some of our experiences with the brand with you now!

Infantino Comforting Play Collection

Sweet Bee Scented Pal: This cute little bee friend is perfect for hanging on the car seat if you have a baby who fusses during car rides. It smells like lavender, one of the reasons its a FAVORITE for me. I already use lavender essential oils in my babys bathtub at night so its a scent that he associates with positive experiences (since he loves bath time). The wings make a crinkly sound when touched and it rattles when played with.

Sweet Serenade Crib Toy: This is essentially a music box which plays when the cord is pulled. The little animals move slowly in a circle, giving babies something to watch. What I love most about this is that the music played is Edelweiss, one of my absolute favorite songs! I walk around singing it whenever we play it for Isaac. The only concern I have is that the cord dangles when you pull it, so theres a possibility that baby could become entangled in it if he/she is older. Its a wonderful new baby gift or a toy for an older child (my 3-year-old loves it!).

Soothing Snuggle Pup: I like the versatility of this pup, he can attach to regular cribs, bassinets, hang on the car seat handle, or attach to a high chair during mealtime! There are two velcro attachments, one on his head and one on his back. From his fuzzy body to his corduroy ears, hes soft and cuddly, and has a removable music box that plays three different tunes at a high or low volume. I truly prefer him to any of the other musical animal Ive come across so far the music isnt annoying in the least! No Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or strange jazzy melodies. Calming lullabies play, one with birds chirping quietly in the background. Try it next time you see one at the store, I think youll love the music!

Ouchie Pal: This is a must-have for the diaper bag. It can be refrigerated before your trip and then hooked onto the car seat or diaper bag. Very nice to have on hand in case there are any bumps or stings while out! Its filled with buckwheat and is a cheerful little pup with a smile on his face and a band-aid on his brow.

Foot Rattles & Wrist Rattles: Dont all babies (and their parents) love these? Little slippers feature a bear and dog and can be very distracting with their little rattles. Isaac likes to grab and try to chew on them. The wrist rattles are the same concept and attach like a bracelet with velcro.

Binky Buddy: The Binky Buddy is AWESOME for pacifier-addict babies. I have them, oh yes I do. Emma didnt quit the pacifier habit until almost 3 and Isaac is definitely a pacifier baby. As a mom who was constantly waking up to a crying baby who had lost her pacifier, Im loving this product. Its perfect for helping baby keep tabs on his or her own plug! It doesnt hurt that its super adorable, either. 🙂

Hug and Tug Woolly Pal: This ultra soft little tugging toy is made with all-natural wool filling and is perfect for the baby who is learning to grasp and pull. Its super soft and great for teething, too. All those knots are just begging to be chewed. 🙂

Soothing Hand Squeezies: These little squeezies are made to comfort new babies. They fit like fingerless gloves and have a rattle inside. The area around their palm is firm, giving tiny hands something to grasp. I really like this idea but implementing it is a bit of a pain, especially when baby is fussy and throwing his or her hands around. They didnt work for us, but Im thinking my guy might be a bit old for them anyway (6 1/2 months). I would definitely like to try them on a younger baby and see how effective they are at soothing!

All Around 1-2-3 Teether: Isaac has his first tooth coming in, so this awesome teether couldnt have come at a more perfect time. I love that all three different types of teethers are put together on one ring. Baby can figure out which one is most effective and gnaw away. Definitely recommended.

Overall Thoughts:

Im totally loving this entire collection! I cant even give you a favorite because, with the exception of the hand squeezies, we use them ALL every day. If youre thinking baby shower gifts, though, I would recommend the wrist rattles, snuggle pup, and teether for sure. Ill bet anything in this collection would make the mommy-to-be smile, though. 🙂

If youre thinking of buying and want to find these toys in a store near you or just find out more about them, visit the Infantino website.

I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.