New Glasses (And the Fate of The Other Pair…)

It was a sad day when Emmas glasses broke

Something I didnt realize before, being totally inexperienced when it comes to the care of glasses (neither my husband nor I wear them), is that we shouldnt have been trying to adjust Emmas glasses ourselves. You know, bend them back in place, pop the lens back in when it falls out, etc. Youre supposed to take them in and have them adjusted by a professional when they get out of whack. Unfortunately out of whack was something that happened OFTEN like every day what with Emmas activity level and Isaacs favorite game being how fast can I snatch Emmas glasses off her face. That kid has snake-like movements! :-p

Finally one day my husband tried to adjust it back to normal and SNAP!

Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth! Okay, not really.

So she got to pick a new pair out!

Picking out new glasses was quite the experience (for me). I let Emma try on at least 10 pairs of glasses and each time shed try a new pair on she would say, I want THESE!. She really loved them all! Eventually she picked out settled on a lovely purple pair.

She insisted on wearing them while I ordered her prescription and then was not happy when she realized she wouldnt get to take that pair home. But thankfully it only took a week for hers to come in.

This pair hasnt taken quite as many beatings as the last did Isaac is finally old enough to understand what no means and doesnt touch her glasses anymore (uuuusually). Im hopeful that this pair will last longer!

Does your preschooler wear glasses? Do you have any broken glasses stories to tell?