When and How Do You Get New or Better Furniture?

Have you ever come to the realization that youll never get a new _____(insert that longed-for something here)_____ because what you have is serviceable enough to get you by? Like an unattractive or uncomfortable couch that could be replaced by a nicer one or a small TV that you would really like to replace with a larger version?

Sometimes it can be hard to replace something unless it just dies.

And you might need to help it along in that case. Like, you know, let your toddler get hold of a permanent marker a little too close to the couch

Dont look at me like that, I would never really be that devious!

No really! 😉

Aaaanyway, Ive wanted an entertainment center for awhile now, something that has doors that you can close on the TV (the better to remove the television from my preschoolers mind), has room for speakers and a turntable, space for all or most of my DVD collection, and hides the DVD player. And wires! Wires and toddlers dont mix, doncha know.

Heres what we have right now:

Our TV looks a bit precarious on that little thing, doesnt it? I would love to be able to put that little cabinet in a place that sets it off, and some day when I have an entertainment center, itll be in a place of honor, freed of its cruel burden. 😉

How about a corner TV stand like this one:

What do you think of that? Its a TV stand AND a fireplace in one!

Okay, Im not really sure about that combo though I do love fake fireplaces. 😉

So what would cause an entertainment center to move up in priority on our list of things we need? Ive been thinking, but nothing brilliant comes to mind so far.

Any ideas?