My Ultimate Family Vacation

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This would be my ultimate family vacation

First, we would have unlimited funds. Now wouldnt that make a family vacation the ultimate? I would love to take a trip up to Alaska (where I grew up) to visit my extended family and play in the snow!

This picture was taken by my mom in Alaska and is completely unedited! Gorgeous!

I grew up there and think its one of the most beautiful places Ive ever been and Ive visited all over the United States! It would include myself and my immediate family of course: my husband, my daughter Emma, and baby Isaac when he is born. I would love to see my parents again (they moved up there a few months ago) and my grandma and uncle and his family. There are a ton of cool things to do, too sledding and skiing, historic places to visit, and fun festivals abound. One of the funniest and most entertaining (and memorable) festivals is the Moose Dropping Festival during which a hot air balloon drops thousands of moose droppings over the crowd. They also sell moose dropping earrings and necklaces. Now wouldnt that be a unique gift idea? 😉 Since we dont get a lot of snow where Im living right now, I think it would be a blast to introduce my toddler to the beauty of Alaska including the mountains, aurora borealis, maybe a moose in the backyard, pussy willows everything I remember loving when I was a child!

What would reeeally make it the ultimate family vacation would be if we got snowed in and stuck there, though right? 😉

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