My Hubby’s Thumb, Sliced & Diced (OW)

My husband is a machinist. Accidents are inevitable, I just find myself hoping that hell never lose any fingers. Well, on Wednesday morning I got a mysteriously vague text from John that said, Ive really done it this time gonna need surgery on this finger.

Then nothing. And he wouldnt answer the phone.

Bad, bad, bad!

So here I am, wondering if hes cut off his finger or WHAT. Finally he called me and told me he was at the doctor waiting to see x-rays to see if his hand was broken or what. He had gotten his right hand stuck in a machine at work (lathe) that he wasnt familiar with. Apparently he didnt realize the ON switch was on and was unable to get his hand out fast enough. A bar smashed into his hand at lightning speed and cut into his thumb, slicing the tendons. It also cracked the bone.

He now has a very large thumb on his hand gives him a bit of the look of a Frankenstein monster. Poor guy serious pain. Especially when he forgets that trying to move it will hurt. A lot. Hes getting surgery done on the hand today hell be done about 6:30 tonight. A friend took him to the hospital and Im going to pick him up when hes finished.

I know its not a life-threatening thing (not like theyre doing heart surgery or something) but Im still really nervous. I hate to see my hubby in pain or out of commission in any way hes so capable normally! He speeds around and hardly ever sits still. Even with the pain of his thumb it didnt really stop him he was still restless. He persuaded the doctor to let him take the big cast off and was typing and even playing guitar with that hand (the pick held between two fingers). Hes nuts, right? 🙂

So Im sitting here waiting for him to get out of surgery, wishing I could be there. Its not something I can do with two young children, though. Sometimes I really wish I had family close-by for these times.

So tell me, whats the worst accident your husband has been in? How did he react (was he a baby or tough)? 🙂

This is the worst for us in the 7 years weve been married. Guess thats good!

Edited to Add:

Well, I got him home and hes doing well. The surgery went great. Im glad thats all over and he can focus on recovery now!

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