My Experience With ThredUP (Children’s Clothing/Toys Swap Site)

This is not a sponsored post I just HAD to share this site with you! I signed up about 6 months ago but didnt give it a try then well, a couple of weeks ago a new deal site (Tippr) had a ThredUp special for $5 I was able to get a 6-month PRO membership and a free box! So I ordered my first box and within a couple days received it. It was a box of toys (yes, you can swap toys, too!) for Emma, something I wanted to save and give her for her birthday. The listing was for beanie babies, as many as could be stuffed in the flat rate box, and the awesome sender managed to stuff 21 of them into the box! You can bet that was a fun box to open. 😉

Since then, Ive picked and received four more boxes, all of them stuffed to the max with great clothes and shoes. One box had a Kidorable raincoat and boots and a Lands End winter coat for Emma in 3T, and the other was filled with (REALLY cute) rompers and baby clothes in size 3-6 months for Isaac. The third and fourth boxes were summer clothes for Emma, and I am SO happy with those boxes as well!

Heres some of the evidence of our spoils:

(I was SO excited about the Disney Winnie the Pooh overalls, and Emma was, too!)

And here are just some of the clothes Emma received in her two boxes (this is about half):

Im afraid Ive become rather obsessive about ThredUP to the point that Ive been known to sit here and refresh the page hoping I dont miss any good boxes! Some of the things people have listed/picked include a box full of Wii games, maternity clothes for mommy, JJ Cole BundleMe, car seat cover, a box full of shoes in a certain size, and I even picked (but havent received yet) a box with a Leap pad in it!

I wish I had known about this when I was pregnant I would have been collecting many of the things I needed through here instead of paying full price for them! Most of the moms who are on ThredUP are extremely generous and will thred anything that will fit into the flat rate box. The ThredUP Facebook page is a great place to keep an eye on, too, because you can post there asking for something and most of the time there will be someone who can help you out. I love it!

I know a few folks have had bad experiences, but they usually are boxes that come from new people who dont realize they need to keep the quality of the clothing high (a consignment store would want them) and everything free of stains and any kind of damage. Also, you should stuff the boxes full.

You can find top clothing brands (Childrens Place, Gymboree, Disney, Gap, etc) and all kinds of toys and games, movies, and music for kids of all ages! I really really REALLY recommend it!

So, a quick how-to:

  1. When you sign up, you are immediately sent the priority mail flat-rate boxes youll need to swap with. These boxes have sticky flaps so they close EASILY! Its really no-hassle.
  2. Youre given one or two free picks (boxes) when you sign up so you can get started picking a box right away! Search by brand, age, gender, size, and keyword and find exactly what you need/want.
  3. When you find a box you like, you click on Pick and Pay and pay for shipping only and $5 goes to ThredUP. Thats $15.95 for a box full to the max of nice clothing!
  4. When someone picks your box and youre ready to send it, the shipping is FREE for you (the picker pays). It automatically schedules a pickup from your house! You just print a shipping label, tape it to the box, and leave it outside your door to be picked up. I love that its that easy I would never do this if I had to mess with shipping and go to the post office.
  5. When you receive your box, you rate your experience so people shopping will know what kind of quality clothes and toys the sender has. Up to 10 Stylies (how much you loved the style and cuteness of the clothing) and up to 4 Stars (the quality and state of the clothing).
  6. Every time you send a box, you get another pick.

This is really a terrific way to get rid of unused clothing and toys and its a great feeling knowing that someone who really wants it is getting them. 🙂 I love ThredUP!

I hope youll sign up and give it a chance. Im sure youll love it as much as I do!

Sign Up Here and get $5.00 toward your first box!!!

So do you have anything you need to get rid of? You know you do! 🙂