My “10 Things to Do Before 2013″ It List

Everyone should make one of these! Ill cross them off as I get them done.

1. Get this camera. I tried out a friends and seriously love it! I will sell all my possessions and buy it if need be. 😉
2. Find a good go-to homemade/handmade bread recipe.
3. Get better at vlogging.
4. Establish a routine with Emma regarding preschool/crafts/fun time that we can keep up with but isnt overwhelming.
5. Start reading my Bible and spending time with God every morning before I do anything else (including getting on the computer!).
6. Make Emma another dress with this really cute horsey fabric I bought from YardSellr.

7. Get a professional family photo shoot! 🙂
8. Spend a weekend at the coast with my husband, just the two of us! I havent been away from my children ever for more than a few hours, so itll be painful but nice. Thankfully theyre very close to their grandparents and I know will have a blast with them!
9. Read more books by Agatha Christie. Why have I never read anything by this awesome author before? LOVE! (Tommy and Tuppence are my favorite characters.)
10. Find a piano, a reeeal piano. I havent been able to play since Emma was born and really really miss it! The fact that we have no room is the main reason we dont have one right now, so Ive been furtively peering around the living room and dining room, looking for things that could disappear and create space for a piano. Ive decided that the bookshelves and DVD shelves will have to go I have an eReader and Netflix instant, who needs shelves? 😉

So what do you want to do before 2013? 🙂