Moving Update: We’re Still Here! :)

I am SO happy with my new house! I had no idea I would feel so different moving into a house after living in an apartment for six years. I didnt realize I would love it. I havent liked a place Ive lived for so many years this is such a blessing!

Here are some moving in pictures:

Emma decorating her new room

You cant really see it, but shes putting window clings up she loooves these!

Our tub was clogged when we moved in (ugh) so when Emma woke up wet I had to give her a bath in the kitchen sink. She loved it! lol

I was able to hang up my beautiful suncatcher in the kitchen. 🙂 Thanks, mom!

Emma and her best friend, Melody. Melody and her mommy Erin kept us company and helped so much!

Checking out her new yard

Making friends with the trees (we lost that hair clip out in our jungle of a lawn, waaah!)

We love our new place! I still have a lot of work to do, but all our stuff is here now. Now its a bit chaotic but slowly coming together. Must go unpack the rest of the kitchen now I had to come share these photos with you, though!

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