Motherhood with Uma Thurman {A Mom’s Thoughts}

A comedy about being a mom? Im there! And guess what? This mom is a blogger – one more reason I was excited about watching Motherhood with Uma Thurman and Minnie Driver (I love Minnie Driver!).

Movie Description

Motherhood is an entertaining look at a day in the life of a busy city mom who is harried, worn out, seemingly unappreciated, and with a to-do list a mile long. Weve all been there, right? But Eliza, mom of two young children, seems to have everything going against her, from the movie being filmed on their block that very day to the crazy long lines shopping and parking battles.

A very few of the things on her list: She needs to throw a birthday party for her daughter, keep an eye on her toddler son (oh the park politics, so funny and TRUE!), and shes given herself the task of entering a contest requiring a 500-word essay on what motherhood means to her. Sounds easy, but she soon finds its not that simple and in thinking so deeply about it she begins to wonder if somewhere along the line she has lost herself in the craziness of life.

My Thoughts

I have to say that Motherhood was totally different from what I was expecting. Although I did enjoy it and will probably watch it again, it wasnt my favorite mommyhood film. With phrases like stay-at-home mom, hysterical comedy, and mom blogger in the movie description, Eliza sounds like a movie mom I can really relate to. But it didnt turn out that way. Now Im not saying that Elizas character isnt likable, because she is! The entire family is, really her children are cute and her husband is good-natured though a little off in his own world. But this isnt, as I first thought, about the love between a mom and her children. It is the story of a mom finding herself. And I think thats great (lol), but I feel differently than she did about family life and my role as a mom. I guess I prefer movies that are feel-good and encourage family unity and closeness I like to see a lot of love between the characters, and I didnt feel that with this one.

I wouldnt call Motherhood hysterical, either. Some scenes are funny, but its mainly situational, I-cant-believe-that-just-happened funny. And there is one way-too-long scene where she dances around to rock music with the young, (supposed to be attractive) UPS man in a fit of Wow, he thinks Im intelligent wistful craziness. I just didnt get that.

All that said, it was really interesting taking a peek at the daily struggles of a big-city mom. I can tell you one thing: I do NOT want to live in a big city ever! It looks very stressful, though it was presented in a comical way, from the parking wars (in front of their apartment!) to the snotty, rich, and arrogant woman living downstairs who is horrified at the thought of a bunch of 6-year-olds having a birthday party in the apartment above her.

Uma Thurman really was perfect for this part. She has a lot of character, and thats something Eliza definitely needs with the stuff she faces daily. Her expressions when dealing with the arrogant neighbor, slightly scary mom she meets at the park, and rude young people she comes across in line at the store are really hilarious.

One thing, if youre feeling that no one knows what youre going through and that your life as a mom is TOUGH, watch this movie. You may feel differently after, and youll certainly feel better after laughing maybe not hysterically, but there are some very funny scenes. 😉 I definitely think you should watch this yourself, then come back here and tell me what you thought!

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Disclosure: I received a review copy of this DVD. This post is 100% my opinion and in my own words.