Monday Mingle (Snoring, Allergic Reactions, and Crafts)

Its been awhile since Ive taken part in a blog hop and this one looks like fun! Basically you answer the weekly questions in written post or a vlog (video). Since Im definitely not in the mood for a vlog right now Im going to pass on that, but I probably should practice so Ill try it sometime in the future. When Im actually putting makeup on again. 😉

This weeks questions are:

1. Do you sew, crochet or knit?
2. Are you allergic to any foods? Bee stings?
3. Do you snore? Please describe 🙂

1. I do sew and crochet, but I dont knit. I would like to learn how, though! I started teaching myself to sew about six months ago and Ive been having so much fun. Ive made burp cloths and blankets for my little boy, throw pillows for myself, and Ive even tried my hand at dresses for my daughter! I havent done a lot of crocheting lately but I can make baby hats and scarves, and Ive crocheted a blanket before, too.

2. Im allergic to crab but its kind of a mild allergy I guess because sometimes I can eat it and sometimes I cant. My reaction is breaking out in hives. The worst reaction Ive had was on my first date with my husband we ate crab at the coast and I had hives on my entire body and was feeling like I couldnt breathe very well. It was pretty awful! Whats really funny is that John has the same reaction to crab sometimes, and that time he broke out as well just not quite as bad as I did.

3. I do NOT snore. Definitely not. Now my husband 😉 No, Im kidding. He only snores when he sleeps on his back. Easily remedied with a shove from me. lol

That was fun! And I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. Its nice to post about something other than my kids or how I feel post-baby, haha. You can link up to Monday Mingle here at Eighty MPH Mom!

*crab image source