Why Do Salons Charge More For Cutting Long Hair? (and Before/After Pictures!)

Im just curious. I mean a cut is a cut, right?

Well, maybe if someone wanted major layers or something wacky done. I dont know. All I know is that my hair was to the middle of my back when I went in to the salon today and they charged me extra to get it trimmed and layered. Did it take longer than when my hair was shorter? I dont think so!

Im not peeved or anything, though I have that new haircut euphoria and am just happy to have NEW HAIR! 🙂

Whattya think?

Seriously, I havent gone anywhere professional since before Emma was born. When she was a few months old I did brave a trip away (I was one of those I cant leave my baby moms) to the library. Across from the library was a Perfect Look and I impulsively went in to get my hair cut. Oh my, I just remembered I wrote a post about that! Here it IS. Read the post for the whole story, but basically the lady who cut my hair was trying to get me in for money because she was fixing a mess-up hair color job. I thought I would be okay since this was a hair CUT, not COLOR, but no. I heard the word, Oops as she was cutting my hair. Not the word you want to hear, right? She had cut layers too short. No it did not look good, and yes I endured her insincere cries of It looks great! and paid her.

I will never go to Perfect Look again! Ive been burned too many times and have a lot more stories to tell. But Ill spare you. Or save it for another post.

I also had something funny happen when I walked into the salon. If you follow this blog you probably know Im pregnant. Well, as soon as I walked in everything buzzing around me conversation-wise was Oh, so and so had her baby! How long did she push? A half hour! Wow! and talking about kids and car seats and everything. It was so funny. I have no idea if they were already talking about it before I walked in or if the sight of my pregnant tummy brought the topic to their minds. It was just FUNNY.

Now Im curious about something else. What is the most youve paid for a haircut? Today I paid more than I ever have at $30.00. Hence wondering why they charge so much! I think John wants me to go into the business now that hes discovered how much they charge. lol I wonder how much the hairstylists make, though they must be paid per hour

Okay Ive got to stop thinking about this. lol