{2011 Holiday Gift Guide} Mindflex Duel Review

The Mindflex Duel Game by Mattel!

I was skeptical when I first heard about the Mindflex game. Moving a ball with your mind? Really? There are definitely mixed reviews on this some people are wowed by the fact that they didnt know they were psychokinetic (ha!), and others say (rather heartlessly) that its nothing but a big fake. But after playing with a group of friends on Thanksgiving day, Im convinced that this isnt a ploy to make people look stupid trying to move a ball with their minds though it does bring about some interesting expressions. 😉 It really works! And its not only fun, but challenging!

So heres how it works. You have this machine, a little foam ball, two headsets, and a bunch of interchangeable obstacles. You put the headsets on, turn the machine on, and music starts playing. You move the track back and forth manually with controls on the machine, putting your ball through the obstacles, but its your concentration that lifts the ball, or makes the machine lift the ball or not. When you focus hard, thinking about that ball lifting, it starts to rise and when you stop thinking about it the ball just falls. And its not as easy to keep focused as you think.

Here are five different ways to play:

  • Power Push: Starting with the ball in the center of the platform, each player concentrates to be the first to push it into their opponents end zone.
  • Mental Marathon 2.0: Design your own obstacle and get the ball through the course as fast as you can. Your mind moves the ball vertically while you push a button to move the ball fan laterally.
  • Race the Lights: Its a mental race against the platform lights. Get the ball to the other side before the lights reach the finish line.
  • Cortex Collision: Push the ball through your opponents defenses, getting it as far down the board as you can without hitting the end.
  • Basketblaster: Players shoot as many baskets as possible within a given timeframe. The player who scores the most baskets wins.

Pros and Cons:

Okay, so how is this machine working? Basically, the headset senses brain activity and that activates the stream of air that makes the ball rise. Youre not exactly moving the ball with your mind. Or, in a sense you are, I guess with your mind activity. What makes this fun is the challenge of being able to keep your concentration through the entire obstacle course, being able to let go for a moment and let it go down through a hoop, then focusing again to raise the ball up through another hoop. And, being that this is a 2-player game, youre challenged to beat your opponent. Its a blast!

The machine was kind of loud and plays a weird kind of cyber tune the entire time which can be annoying, but its hardly noticeable when youre playing. Probably because its meant to help you focus. Its the people who arent playing who get irritated. 😉 And it was so loud that we finally taped some napkins over the speakers to dim the sound. So it would have been nice to have a volume control. Other than that, no complaints and we really enjoyed and recommend Mindflex Duel!

Click here for a quick video demo, featuring my nephews first try!

We had a group of people playing Mindflex Duel from age 6 to adult and everyone really liked it! My two nieces, ages 9 and 13, probably played it the most.

You can find this online at Mattel for $89.99 (free shipping) or Amazon.com for $79.99. It retails for $100.

Disclosure: We were provided with a Mindflex Duel game courtesy of Mattel. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.