Melted Crayons Art Tutorial – Touchable Alphabet & Numbers Poster

What to do with tons of crayons? Especially those cheap brand crayons that dont work as well as Crayola crayons?

Try this! Get a candle or tea light, peel the paper off your crayons, and get some good thick paper. I used watercolor paper. Then hold the end of the crayon over the flame (not in the flame, itll burn the crayon).

Quickly put the crayon to paper! Youll have to heat he crayon every time you dot, so it is time-consuming but totally worth it! Heres what we did:

I made a number and alphabet poster for Emma. 🙂

You would be surprised how inspiring this is for little learners! The wax is smooth and raised, and the colors so vivid you cant help but touch it. Emma actually started tracing the letters with her finger, saying their names and sounds by herself without my prodding. She loved it! I plan to keep these posters hung on the wall low somewhere that she can touch them every day, and we may have to make separate letter posters this way as well. Youve gotta try this!

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