Make Tummy Time Fun With Infantino’s New Right Angle Tummy Triangle

Infantino has just released a brand new product especially designed (in collaboration with Pediatric Occupational Therapists) to make tummy time more pleasant for babies the Right Angle Tummy Triangle! As a mom of two infants who absolutely hated tummy time, I think this is a great idea! My pediatrician recommended 10 minutes of tummy time every day the first time I took Isaac to see her, and I remember thinking, Ten minutes of angry screaming every day?. Needless to say, I wasnt looking forward to it. I would have loved to have something like this then!

The Right Angle Tummy Triangle slopes upward, has a padded cushion for baby to lie on, and features an adjustable toy bar with a crinkle bee toy and a mirror, both removable. It also comes with a music box that plays upbeat tunes and can be set to play for 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. If you like to keep track of the time your baby spends on his tummy every day, thats a very helpful feature!

Isaac is 7 months and already crawling speedily around the house, so his need for tummy time is pretty much over. Still, I set him on it to see how he responded to the toy. He had no interest whatsoever in the toys (surprisingly) what he really really wanted was the music box he loved it! Later on he picked up the music box and played with it by itself for awhile. The music is a definite hit, I can see it being the highlight of babys tummy time.

The nice thing about the toy bar is that it can be adjusted so that it stops at three different levels, each level set for a different stage in babys development. The highest level is for babies who can lift their head and prop themselves up on their shoulders. The lowest level is for infants who are just beginning tummy time and are still practicing holding their head up.

I wish I had had this a couple of months ago when Isaac was struggling with tummy time I think he would have liked it!

See it in action here!

Want it?

You can find the Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle at Babies R Us (online and in-store) and at It retails for $39.99.

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