Loving These New Children’s Books from Abrams!

Abrams Books for Young Readers is constantly delighting me with its releases! Im pretty sure Im even more delighted than my 2-year-old when I read them and thats saying something since Emma is always dragging them over to me to be read to her. Here are some of their recently published books for children and my thoughts on them:

Written by Erica S. Pearl, Illustrated by Julia Denos

Dotty is such a sweet, imaginative book. Its about a little girl named Ida and her imaginary pet, Dotty. Dotty is a very large spotted um, creature with horns. And everywhere Ida goes, Dotty goes. This seems to be a game that all of the children in her class play they all have imaginary pets! But as time goes by, other children start to tease Ida for still having Dotty. Will she give up Dotty (who Im almost convinced is real) under pressure?

This is the cutest book ever! I love that it encourages imagination and the ending was such a nice surprise. I recommend it heartily!

Rating: (5/5)

Library Mouse
Written by Daniel Kirk

Let your child see a library through the eyes of two very intelligent mice, and Im sure theyll never look at a library (or a rodent) in the same way again! I was charmed by these two and loved how, even though they were very different (she an explorer and he a researcher), they found a way to have fun together.

Rating: (4/5)

All the Seasons of the Year
Written by Deborah Lee Rose, Illustrated by Kay Chorao

This is one of those sweet books that youll want to read on a cold winters day by the fire. The story warms your heart and the illustrations are nostalgic. I love that it encourages family togetherness and at the same time teaches about all of the seasons of the year. This is a great addition to your bookshelf. 🙂

Rating: (4/5)

Miss Tutus Star
Written by Leslea Newman, Illustrated by Carey Armstrong-Ellis

Selena is a little girl who does not walk so much as twirl. When her mother takes her to Miss Tutus school of ballet, Selena has a bit of trouble with some of the steps, but still she practices and practices to get them right. Finally the time comes for Selena to make her debut. But she is terrified. Will her fear stop her from becoming Miss Tutus star?

We love Miss Tutus Star because it combines humor and a fun story for children (especially appealing to those interested in dance or dressing up). The illustrations are detailed and the cover is glitterful (my daughter loved that). Another delightful addition to our bookshelf!

Rating: 4/5

The Exceptionally, Extraordinarily Ordinary First Day of School
Written by Albert Lorenz

On Johns first day of school, he is asked by his teacher to tell her and the class about where he is from and what an ordinary day was like at his last school. He begins an amazing, imaginative, very hard-to-believe story about what his school and classes were like. Things like eating the science projects, going crazy in art class (freestyle art), and racing horses and bungee jumping during recess. Sounds like a school I would want to go to!

This is one of my favorites because its just so crazy. The illustrations are very detailed and youll be laughing at the antics of the kids in his old school. This is one that boys and girls alike will love, but if you have a little boy who is iffy about reading, I recommend grabbing this one. Its a lot of fun!

Rating: (5/5)

I received the books reviewed above in order to share my thoughts on them with you!