Little Tikes Deluxe Ride & Relax Wagon With Umbrella Review

I love the Little Tikes brand. They come up with the coolest toys, playsets, and accessories for kids of all ages even babies and toddlers! And no matter what youre looking for, they always have something your little one wants that is in your price range.

Little Tikes Deluxe Ride & Relax Wagon Review

Thanks to Little Tikes, I was able to test and review one of their awesomeDeluxe Ride & Relax Wagons. Its kind of a cool story the way I received it for review. Little Tikes asked me if I would like to review a wagon and I said yes (of course), not being specific about which one I wanted. I was thinking that I really loved all of the wagons on their website. And what should end up at my door but the obvious king of all wagons! I was floored!

So was my husband when he saw all of the pieces. 😉

Arrival and Assembly:

The Deluxe Ride & Relax Wagon comes in a very large box and with basically nothing assembled, so be prepared to have a helper! Or, like me, have your husband do it. 😉

Now, I am really really REALLY glad I had my technical-minded husband there to help, because one glance at the instructions and I was overwhelmed. Basically a bunch of pictures and diagrams with no written instructions. And let me tell you, it wasnt all easy to figure out, especially because this wagon has so many awesome features you have to be sure you get everything together right. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get everything completely put together.

But check out the RESULT!

These kids are looking really impatient, dont you think? 😉

Features You Will LOVE:

  • Seats that flip up to reveal storage below or can be placed so that kids can sit with their feet in the wagon for a comfortable ride.
  • Adjustable umbrella canopy for sun protection.
  • Seatbelts!
  • Drink holders and cooler attached to wagon.
  • Converts from regular wagon to bench wagon!
  • Removable sides.
  • Drain in bottom of wagon.

Left: Cooler holds up to six cans of soda and can be stuffed with ice, too.
Right: Storage area and drain below. Can also be set up so that kids can sit in an upright position with their feet on the bottom of the wagon.

My Thoughts:

This wagon is so nice for walks at the park, a picnic, playing around outside, and even helping transport gardening stuff (its handy having that drain). Emma really enjoys is having me run around the yard pulling her in this wagon, and I think thats what most kids would be doing with it.

Its very easy to pull around, and has special wheels that are made to make less noise and swivel to turn sharp corners. The wheels work nicely, but sometimes they do have a hard time turning on wet grass or slippery terrain. I think its because I usually only have one light little kid in it and it can have a hard time getting some traction. On the concrete everything works perfectly, though. This said, I never have trouble getting the wheels back on track and it doesnt annoy me in the least so its not a con for me. Its awesome that the wheels are able to swivel and that the wagon maneuvers so well on concrete and dry terrain surfaces.

Keep in mind that the size and weight of this wagon are going to make transportation a bit of a hassle if you have a small vehicle. But the nice thing about the size is that it easily holds both adults and kids.

Converts to a bench!

Easy to convert to a bench perfect for parades and picnics!

Video Demo:

This is kind of rough, but a fun representation of how well it rides at different speeds. Sorry about the bumpiness I defy anyone else to take a smoother video while running backwards and holding a camera! 😉

Final Thoughts:

This is a GREAT wagon very well-made and with useful features. If you are looking for both a sturdy wagon for the kids to play with and something you can take on outings that the whole family can enjoy, I believe youve found the best wagon for the job!

Buy it!

The Little Tikes Deluxe Ride & Relax Wagon can be purchased for $129.99 from the Little Tikes website. If you buy it from, get free super saver shipping!

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I would like to thank Little Tikes for sending me the wagon reviewed so that I could share our thoughts and experiences with it with you! This post is 100% my own opinion and in my own words.