Focus on Children’s Books: Little Pim Colors and Feelings Flap/Tab Books

For parents who are interested in introducing their children to Spanish and French words at an early age, the Little Pim books are an excellent resource!

About the Little Pim books:

The Little Pim book series adapts the most successful and effective elements from the award-winning Little Pim DVDs to promote fun with languages for young children. Each book incorporates an exciting blend of illustrations and photographs, as well as flaps and pull tabs to keep readers engaged. The stories are told in English, with words featured in Spanish and French (the most popular languages in the DVD series). Pronunciation guides for parents are included.

Colors showcases colors and objects, and Feelings focuses on emotions and expressions. Each book weaves its vocabulary into a hide-and-seek story featuring Little Pim as the narrator and concludes with a helpful review of the words learned.

I really like the fact that both of these sturdy board books have flaps and tabs that can be pulled out and peeked under those types of features in a childrens book are always popular! In Little Pim: Colors, your child is asked to help Little Pim the panda find things in different colors. The images on the tabs and flaps are grayed out so the child can reveal what color the image beneath is. Emma enjoyed guessing and then finding out if she had been correct what a great learning tool!

In Little Pim: Feelings, each spread introduces a new feeling. Little Pim the panda wants to ask a caterpillar for help but he feels shy. There are three children on the flaps, and your child is encouraged to lift the flaps to see what shy faces look like. Beneath two of the flaps are children covering their eyes, but the third is a little girl who is grinning Little Pim says, Oops, shes not shy!. That one brought giggles from Emma. Other emotions covered are being happy, scared, sad, and surprised.

Of course, each feeling and color word in these books is given not only in English but also in Spanish and French along with easy-to-follow pronunciation guides. I felt confident in being able to teach these words to Emma though Im not familiar with them myself (I am not bilingual, sadly).

My favorite thing about these books is that they create an interactive atmosphere when reading the books you as the parent arent telling your children what is what, you are asking them to think about it and then find out for themselves what the answer is. For instance in Colors, when helping Little Pim the panda find items that are red, there is an image of a firetruck grayed out. It says, What about this fire truck?. The child can think about what color a fire truck is, then reveal the picture beneath to find out whether its red or not. 🙂

Want it?

You can find Little Pim: Colors and Little Pim: Feelings books at Theyre also available at the Abrams Books for Young Readers website along with two other themes Animals and Numbers.

What are you reading to your child this week?

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