Little Ditties for Itty Bitties – Songs for Infants and Toddlers

How sweet is the name of this album? What mommy doesnt want a great collection of little ditties for their itty bitty?

I listened to this entire CD full of cheerful, uplifting, toe-tapping songs with my 21-month-old toddler, Emma, and we both loved it! I especially loved it because of my daughters rapt attention. She kept looking over toward the CD player (as if there is something to see, lol) and rocked from her tiptoes back down to the flats of her feet in rhythm with the music. Her way of dancing and enjoying the music.

I think this album is a treasure. This morning, Emma went from her usual destroying of the house (her daily ritual pull all of her toys out and leave them on the floor for easy access) to this fun dance, and then sat on the couch and calmly played with a piece of colorful ribbon while listening to this album. You know that this is going to be played often for her in the future. 😉 I also decided it was a were going on a car ride necessity.

About Little Ditties for Itty Bitties (From their website):

Infants and toddlers who are always moving and love music, deserve a CD bursting with joyful NEW songs just for them. With catchy melodies, simple lyrics and lively rhythms, MICHELE VALERIS songs are a boost to springboard vocabulary (a childs first 400 words) and to the joy of music.

Not only are the melodies catchy, easy to learn, and fun to sing, the songs are all about interaction with your baby! One of my favorites is Hurray For My Face because it encourages finding the features of the face (Where are my ears? I listen with my ears! Where are my ears?), and Vroom Vroom Vroom is a lot of fun, too about vrooming around in a car. Busy Day is a delight sure to bring giggles from your babies!

This CD is appropriate for both girls and boys, and is perfect for the classroom environment as well. All of thessongs are tunes you will want to pass on to your children and grandchildren so much fun! Click here to listen to the songs for yourself!

I think I might like Little Ditties for Itty Bitties even more if it were sung by children, but my daughter doesnt care in the least and Michele Valerie, Grammy-nominated childrens singer, does an excellent job with this CD.

Now for the big question Would I buy it?

Definitely! I think this is an especially thoughtful gift for a mom. It gives mommy a break from having to think of ways to entertain that curious little person who will surely benefit from some musical interactive play. I recommend it!

Own it!

Head on over to to purchase the Little Ditties for Itty Bitties CD for $12.99!

I would like to thank for providing me with a complimentary copy of Little Ditties for Itty Bitties. This review 100% my own opinion, my own experiences with the product, and in my own words.