Learning Resources Primary Science Magnet Set {Our Experience AND a Giveaway!}

If you follow my blog regularly, you know that Im a fan of Learning Resources educational tools and games theyre brilliant! Today Im featuring their new Primary Science Magnet Set:

This is science for preschoolers at its finest! The Primary Science Magnet set is perfect for teaching kids all about the fascinating attributes of magnets. It has 14 pieces and includes 10 double-sided activity cards featuring cool experiments for kids to try. They demonstrate all the things magnets can do and introduce vocabulary like attract and repel. Heres everything you get with this set:

  • Large horseshoe magnet
  • Magnetic post
  • Four ring (donut-shaped) magnets
  • Two bar magnets
  • Two magnetic bugs
  • One magnetic maze
  • Two cars
  • String
  • Ten activity cards

The activity cards are great! They are sturdy, laminated, and there are so many activities we can do now with my daughter (3 1/2). This is the front of one of the activity cards, with all the tools you need for a particular activity:

Then the back of the card tells you what to do step-by-step:

The first thing we did was play with the magnetic bugs on the maze. Emma held the big horseshoe under the maze board (which by the way is made of a very strong plastic) and moved the bugs through the maze. She was fascinated and really enjoyed this activity.

Then we played around with the magnetic donuts and post. It truly is amazing that magnets repel like this, to the point that these donuts appear to be floating in mid air of their own accord!

The cars are actually not magnetic themselves you can snap the magnetic bars into them. One side of the magnetic bar attracts and the other repels (each side is a different color so you can tell which is which), so that when you put the cars together they either stick together like one is towing the other, or one spins out while the other approaches.

This was probably my favorite activity you tie the string to one donut and lay the other three donuts down on a flat surface in a triangle formation. The magnet at the end of the string begins to move and spin in a circle by itself!

Final Thoughts: We have had a blast with this set its fun and very educational! All of the pieces are sturdy, and I love that everything is so brightly colored. My daughter couldnt wait to play with it! This set is recommended for ages 4-12, but I think a particularly bright and curious 3-year-old like mine can benefit as well. 🙂 This is one of those things that people of all ages can enjoy experimenting with! Who doesnt love a magnet, after all?

Want It?

You can purchase the Primary Science Magnet Set from Learning Resources or Amazon.com it retails for $29.99.

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