Learning Her ABC’s With Zoodles! (WW)

I had to share this I downloaded the Zoodles Firefox Toolbar Add-on not long ago when my mom suggested Emma might like it. Zoodles is a web program for toddlers and young children that basically gives you and your child access to games available on the web that might be hard to find I mean, who wants to google free toddler games all day long? They also have fun cartoons and programs found on YouTube. Zoodles is completely free though you can upgrade (I havent) for a better experience supposedly. So far Im happy with the free version.

The verdict? Emma loves it! Especially the Fisher Price alphabet games. You can find the ABCs Zoo game (simple for toddlers because they can hit any key to move on to the next letter) at Fisher Price, too.

And now that that commercial is over (lol and Im not affiliated in any way with zoodles, nor was this any kind of review), watch Emma learning her ABCs. Im so proud! Only 2